The team at Arc Academy has designed a Microblading course unlike any other, where you are given the time and hands-on experience required to truly master the artistry of Eyebrow Feathering. Where many other courses
provide a basic overview without allowing adequate time for students to practice, Arc Academy is dedicated to equipping students with the skills and confidence needed to work in real clinic environments. Join us in this comprehensive workshop crafted to empower you in mastering Marianas Feathering Technique. Spanning two days, this workshop serves as your launching pad into the world of Permanent Make Up. Our in-house Microblading course is intentionally capped at 3-4 students per class to facilitate a heightened level of personalised interaction between students and their master. Arc Academy takes pride in its commitment to continue nurturing students beyond their completion of the course, with an additional 4+ weeks of training, 8 months of online support, and lifetime mentoring. Join us in this comprehensive workshop crafted to empower you in Permanent Make Up.


4 students max per class

Investment: Public Class: $3,500 or Private Class: $3,800

Payment options: From $87 per week via payright

Level: Beginner

Time: 2-day workshop + 4 weeks of training

Certificate of Attendance

Graduation Certificate

    • 2 Day Master Class

    Our two-day course will allow students to have hands-on practice and learn to master this technique step by step. Mariana is a visual learning enthusiast there's no better training than working with live models with a mentor right by your side. Every student gets to see her perform the technique before starting work on their own model with close supervision and guidance. The students who complete the two-day course will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance and an essential starter kit.

    • 4 Weeks Post Class Training

    Once all online levels are completed the student will get the opportunity to return for a one-day in-house training session at the Arc. Academy

    • 24/7 Support for 8 months & additional final day training

    Mariana prides herself in providing a unique approach to teaching by providing ongoing support to her students even after they obtain their Certificate of Attendance. This is not just a 2-day course, this is 4+ weeks of training where the student will be asked to return for their one-day in-house training where they will need to demonstrate knowledge and satisfactory practical application in the Feather Stroke technique.

    At the end of the one-day in-house training session, we award our students with an Arc-approved Graduation Certificate where we will continue lifetime mentorship and guidance as they embark on their new journey as a Microblading artisit.

    After the initial two-day intensive training workshop our students get the opportunity to continue learning through our online forum levels of learning where students are required to present their work for assessment and guidance.

    • Prior learning:

    In NSW it is a requirement to complete SHBBINFOO1 Maintain Infection Control Standards. All beauty therapists and cosmetic tattooists must hold this certification before performing any beauty treatments. You can obtain this certification online

    • Interest-free payment plans:

    Interest-free payment plans up to $5,000 are available through PayRight. The application only takes a few minutes and approval is determined immediately. Get in touch here to find out more.

    • Accreditation:

    All students receive a Certificate of Attendance after the workshop. Students must complete all levels of training to become Arc approved certified and to receive a graduation certificate. This level of certification enables you to perform treatments within your own professional space and as a highly recommended Arc graduate.



  • March 24/25 - Intro to Microblading
  • April 21/22 - Intro to Ombre Brows
  • June 23/24 - Intro to Microblading
  • July 14/15 - Ombre Brow Workshop
  • September 8/9 - Microblading workshop
  • October 6/7 - Ombre Brow Workshop
  • December 8/9 Beginners in Microblading
  • December 1/2 - Into to Ombre Brows
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The course itself was very personalised almost one on one training so I felt received such a high level of attention and commitment throughout the intense 2 days in person. I was blown away by the standard of education I received and felt confident walking away knowing that I had a further 8 months of ongoing online support from Mariana to get through the stages of training I needed to complete. The replies online were prompt and it made me feel very supported all the way.

Mariana is a perfectionist in her field who's passion is very high and is easy to see why she is paving the way for amazing Microblading Technicians. I can honestly say it's the best move I have made in my beauty career. Im forever grateful!